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FELT STAMP PAD: 2.75 X 4.25 (70MM X 108MM)

The size #1 Ink pad is perfect for daily use. They are available in Black, Red, Blue or Dry.

List Price: $ 12.00

Price: $ 10.00


FELT STAMP PAD: 3.25 X 6.25 (82MM X 156MM)

Size 2 Fabric covered felt for long lasting quality impressions.

List Price: $ 14.00

Price: $ 12.00


FELT STAMP PAD: 4.125 X 7.5 (105MM X 190MM)

The size 3 Ink pad is perfect if you are using a larger stamp. They are made from high quality fabric covered foam for lasting even impressions.

List Price: $ 25.00

Price: $ 22.00


Fingerprint Pad

Great for all notary providers including financial and legal institutions, our long lasting black ink fingerprint pad is 1-3/4 Diameter

List Price: $ 25.00

Price: $ 20.00


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